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10 types of swimsuits to fall for this summer

Summer is there, are you going on vacation or do you need inspiration to renew your swimwear collection? You are in the right place! 
Between the essential one-piece swimsuit, the trikini and the bikini which is reinvented in a thousand and one ways: colourful, asymmetrical with a pattern, there is something for everyone! 
So you've come to the right place! 
Find here all our favorite swimsuits, ideas for looks as well as advice for each morphology.

1. The one-piece swimsuit

The one-piece swimsuit has become essential in our summer wardrobe. Whether for swimming or for wearing under denim shorts as a bodysuit, it’s the perfect ally!

Tip: The ideal morphologies for the one-piece swimsuit are those in H and O. Those in H means that the shoulders and the hips are the same width and the waist is not very marked. While the O morphology is characterized by generous shapes and a little belly. The one-piece swimsuit is therefore the perfect ally on the beach or at the pool if you don’t want to reveal too much.

@natachameyvaert offers us a magnificent black one-piece with white polka dots. The perfect swimsuit to be the star on the beach this summer!
1. Ecru polka dot swimsuit Sézane, 95,00€. 
1. Polka dot swimsuit Esprit, 59,99€. 2. Swimsuit s.Oliver, 74,99€. 3. Polka dot recycled material swimsuit C&A, 29,99€ 19,99€. 4. Black polka dot swimsuit jbc, 29,95€ 20,97€. 5. Polka dot swimsuit Peek & Beau, 49,99€. 

2. The trikini swimsuit

Trikini swimsuits are the models you have to choose if you don’t want to go unnoticed this summer! Very trendy and available in all possible cuts and colors, you will certainly find your happiness. This swimsuit trend appeared in the 1970s. It is the perfect combination between the bikini and the one-piece swimsuit. Indeed, it forms a triple yoke, due to its original cutout, hence the name.

Tip: This type of swimsuit goes with multiple silhouettes, whether they are thin or on the contrary more luscious, depending on the design. But, it is to the V-shaped morphology, with little developed hips and broad shoulders that the trikini is best because it balances the silhouette. Pair it with pants, shorts or a bodysuit skirt or simply with a sarong on the beach. There is thus an infinite variety of trikini models, ranging from the push-up top, to the bandeau, to a very plunging neckline.

@dune_defourny also dared to go color with a superb one-piece with rhinestones, enough to shine on the beach this summer!
1. Cut-out one-piece swimsuit SHEIN, 12,00€. 
1. Orange swimsuit SHEIN, 13€.  2. Orange 1-piece swimsuit Banana Moon, 99,00€. 3. Lace up bikini swimsuit with rings SHEIN, 11,00€. 4. Ring sequined trikini Twinset, 114€ 57€. 5. 5. Aranja jersey swimsuit Jacquemus on Farfetch, 215€ 150€. 6. Swimsuit with floral print and cutout detail Sandro, 135€ 94,50€. 7. Asymmetrical swimsuit Hunkemöller on Zalando, 38,99€ 27,39€.

3. The pink bikini

We must not forget to mention the bikini, perfect for a day at the beach or at the pool.

Although it has existed since the Neolithic era, the modern bikini was imagined by the Frenchman Louis Réard in 1946. At the time, it caused a scandal because it revealed too much skin. Then, it interfered in mores and even became the symbol of female activism. Women wanting to enjoy their own body and free themselves from patriarchy.

It was also popularized in film culture by stars like Brigitte Bardot in the 1950s or Ursula Andress in the James Bond series. Today, bikinis are an integral part of our culture and have become totally essential swimwear!

Tip: The one in our selection was chosen pink, the perfect color to add a nice little touch to your outfit. The bikini is a perfect model for slender silhouettes with marked waists such as X-shaped morphologies for example. It can be tied in a thousand and one ways depending on the desired effect such as tying around the neck, crossed in front or even the “uspide-down bikini” trend. It consists of reversing the direction of the bikini and wearing it tied on the sides. This type of knotting is accessible to small breasts, on the other hand, but less so to more developed ones.

@Sabjova opted for a very trendy fushia pink bikini for the summer because it will match perfectly with your tan! It will be ideal for sunbathing at the beach or for doing a few lengths in the pool. 
1. Triangle bikini top NA-KD, 20,95€. 2. Bikini bottom NA-KD, 14,95€. 
1. Bow bikini top MANGO, 25,99€ 19,99€. 2. Bow bikini bottom MANGO, 19,99€ 15,99€. 3. Recycled twist one shoulder top NA-KD, 28,95€. 4. Recycled high waisted bikini bottom NA-KD, 23,95€. 5. Textured triangle bikini set CIDER, 18,00€. 6. Casual bikini set SHEIN, 10,00€. 7. Set St-Tropez Pink Ibiza Rio de sol, 78,00€. 8. Triangle bikini top in recycled fabric Faithfull the brand, 91,00€. 9. Bikini bottom in recycled fabric Faithfull the brand, 101,00€. 

4. The high waist swimsuit

The high-waisted bikini has been adopted by many this summer because it allows you to combine comfort and style very easily. There are plenty of different patterns, colors and models so don’t hesitate any longer and fall for this little gem!

The high-waisted two-piece swimsuit was invented very early, even before the bikini, in 1932. It was designer Jacques Heim who designed it and it became popular from the 1940s. high-waisted shorts hiding the navel.

Tip: in terms of morphology, it is very suitable for luscious silhouettes with developed hips and a little belly such as figure 8 or O body shapes. It can be worn with a pretty lace tunic that will highlight this type of swimsuit.

It's the turn of @saraxaah who offers us a very trendy two-piece. This high-waisted bikini will make you want to sip a nice little cocktail by the pool!
1. Bikini top with lemon print New Look, 22,99€ 18,00€. 2. Knotted bandeau bikini top in printed recycled fabric Monki, 15,99€ 6,50€. 3. Side tie bikini bottoms with print Monki, 8,49€ 3,50€ 4. Citrus print bikini bra Monki 20,00€. 5. Kimono tunic with floral lace SHEIN, 12,00€. 6. Citrus print high waisted bikini bottom Monki, 12,00€. 7. Citrus print bikini bottom Monki, 10,00€. 8. Beach dress Reserved, 35,99€ 19,99€. 

5. The black bikini

The black bikini or the bikini that every fashionista must have in their wardrobe, like Coco Chanel’s little black dress…

It goes perfectly with absolutely all your beach outfits, you must find yours as soon as possible if you haven’t already.

Tip : It is perfect for a V-shaped silhouette due to the contrast of the black color if it is chosen with a plunging neckline. It can be tied by crossing the cords in front of the chest, for example, to further enhance the neckline.

@wendy_oua offers us a basic that is simple and effective but which has its full effect! The black bikini with its little touch of originality.
1. Ring bikini top Bershka, 12,99€. 2. Ring bikini bottom Bershka, 9,99€. 
1. Black bikini top Loavies, 17,99€. 2. Black bikini bottom Loavies, 17,99€. 3. Black bikini top Loavies, 21,99€ 8,80€. 4. Padded triangle bikini top H&M, 12,99€. 5. Triangle bikini top H&M, 14,99€. 6. Tie bikini bottom H&M, 9,99€. 7. Black V-Neck Bikini Bra Monki, 15,00€. 8. Black bikini bottom Monki, 10,00€. 9. Bow bikini bottom MANGO, 19,99€ 15,99€. 

6. The white bikini

The white two-piece swimsuit is the perfect tan ally! This is the piece to acquire for this summer if your goal is to have a caramel tan.

Tip: We choose it in a bright white, it will contrast perfectly with your tanned skin and will accentuate it even more. It can be chosen as a simple bikini model or to tie for even more style! It is enough in particular to cross the two cords on the side for a most original asymmetrical effect.

@ziggydolly offers us a magnificent bikini. The white bikini? Essential! It will bring out your tan and you won't be able to take it off!
1. Padded bikini top H&M, 14,99€. 2. Brazilian bikini bottom H&M, 9,99€ 6,99€. 3. Swim bikini top H&M, 14,99€. 4. Bikini bottom H&M, 4,99€. 5. Ring bikini top Bershka, 6,99€. 6. Ring bikini bottom Bershka, 5,99€. 

7. The rainbow bikini

You do not know you decide on the color of your swimsuit for this summer? Buy this one! It will be so easy to match that you will want to wear it every day.

Tip: It is perfect especially for a festival during the summer, to combine with a simple top, denim shorts and linen or cotton shirt for example. The rainbow bikini is more suitable for slim silhouettes because of the play of contrasts that give the illusion of volume. It can be tied around the belly to better see the lacing.

This swimsuit will be for people who do not want to choose the color of their swimsuit, with this one take them all! @saritaa.g offers us a bikini that is very easy to match with a pretty linen set in the color you prefer!
1. Rainbow triangle bikini top Monpetitbikini, 39,00€. 2. Rainbow bikini bottom Monpetitbikini, 35,00€. 3. Rainbow bandeau bikini top Monpetitbikini, 44,00€. 4. Rainbow high waist bikini bottom Monpetitbikini, 39,00€. 5. Bikini top Calzedonia, 20,00€ 14,00€. 6. 3-piece swimsuit with tie-dye gradient Lovember, 69,90€ 49,90€. 7. Bikini top Calzedonia, 40,00€ 28,00€. 8. Multicolored bikini top Banana Moon, 37,00€ 29,60€. 9. Cotton poplin shirt Faithfull the brand, 189,00€. 10. Jute beach bag H&M, 17,99€. 11. Cotton poplin shorts Faithfull the brand, 159,00€. 12. Round bag Fablcrew, 17,99€. 

8. The turquoise blue bikini

This turquoise bikini is the perfect swimsuit if you love swimming in heavenly waters. Comfortable and trendy, you won’t be able to take it off!

This type of swimsuit is well suited to morphologies in X or more luscious in 8. A little more significant, the azure blue color brings out the tan wonderfully!

Tip : It can also be worn in headband mode by detaching the straps from the neck to place them above the chest. This way allows you to have an even more uniform tan!

Another possibility, @harsas_ also presents us with color with a beautiful trendy bikini, matching the color of the water… a dream!
1. Triangle high waist bikini swimsuit with ribbed open back SHEIN, 10,00€. 
1. Shiny bikini top Bershka, 12,99€. 2. Shiny bikini bottom Bershka, 9,99€. 3. Metallic open back triangle bikini swimsuit SHEIN, 8,00€. 4. Fluid triangle bikini swimsuit with open back SHEIN, 9,00€. 5. V-Neck bikini swimsuit SHEIN, 9,00€. 6. Lace up ribbed triangle bikini swimsuit SHEIN, 11,00€. 

9. “Bandeau” two-piece swimsuit

The “bandeau” swimsuit… perfect for tanning without streaks and making your best friends jealous. To try is to adopt it!
Tip : It is perfect for silhouettes with small breasts in X or V (if it is frilly) unlike generous breasts which could reveal too much. We choose it colored or patterned like the cherry print for example for a more lolita look.

Another trend of the season, the printed swimsuit that @itsmeweeendy wears wonderfully!
1. Cherry print bikini top with removable strap SHEIN, 6,00€. 2. Cherry print bikini bottom SHEIN, 5,00€. 
1. Printed bikini with red cherries  ByGoods, 25,33€ 16,89€. 2. Printed bikini with red cherries SHEIN, 12,99€ 10,49 €. 3. Cherry print tie back bikini top Pieces, 23,99€ 16,00€. 4. Cherry print bikini bottom Pieces, 17,99€ 16,00€. 5. Recycled bikini bottoms with ruffles NA-KD, 16,95€ 8,47€. 6. Recycled high waisted bikini bottom NA-KD, 18,95€ 9,47€. 7. Recycled tie-up bikini top NA-KD, 18,95€. 8. Strawberry Print Bikini SHEIN, 10,49€ 5,49€. 9. Printed bikini with red cherries Zaful on SHEIN, 31,12€ 18,78€.

10. The bikini to tie

Finally… the trendy swimsuit to have: it is the swimsuit to tie of course! The effect is immediate, everyone will want to snap up your new swimsuit!

Tip : The floral patterns go perfectly with this type of bikini with lacing. It is an essential swimsuit for hourglass silhouettes, type X with a marked waist because it creates volume through the lacing.

Finally, the magnificent bikini of @jadeluyckx which mixes print and colors, everything we love!
1. Floral print bikini top Loavies, 19,99€ 11,99€. 2. Floral print bikini bottom Loavies, 19,99€. 
1. Floral print top Undiz, 14,99€ 8,99€. 2. Floral print bikini bottom Undiz, 9,99€ 5,99€. 3. Recycled bikini bottom NA-KD, 13,95€. 4. Bikini top Bimba Y Lola, 65,00€ 52,00€. 5. Triangle bikini top in recycled fabric with floral print Faithfull the brand, 95,00€. 6. Floral-print recycled fabric bikini bottom Faithfull the brand, 95,00€. 

And you, which swimsuit (s) will you fall for?

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