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13 festivals looks that made us vibrate this summer!

Summer rhymes of course with festival! Tomorrowland, Les Ardentes, Dour, WECANDANCE,... all the biggest summer festivals proved again this year that fashion plays a key role. 
Indeed, this is the perfect opportunity to dare to wear ever more original looks and at the forefront of style. 
This year, the major fashion trends from Fashion Week have found their way to the aisles of festivals. 
This is the case with psychedelic prints, the neon look or the glittery look from head to toe. 
In festivals, you can find a multitude of different styles, ranging from the simplest and most comfortable, to the most elaborate and eccentric. 
Do you lack inspiration? Find your next festival look here!

@Haycette and her Coachella looks at Les Ardentes

Look 1 :

Pieces with fringe are essential for festival looks. You can opt for a more daring look with a transparent fringed skirt, mini shorts underneath and a bodysuit. Seventies accessories with fringes are also safe bets for festival dressing on boots, bags or even tops.

For the Les Ardentes festival, the beautiful @haycette  chose a silver and black look with this silver fringed skirt, a black bodysuit, black converse, a small beige handle bag. The final touch, rhinestones as a jewel on the face!
1. Bodysuit with thin crossed straps SHEIN, 7,00€. 2. Silver colored iridescent skin jewels for the forehead Claire's, 7,99€ 4,79€. 3. Ruched bag SHEIN, 9,00€.  4. Skirt with fringe SHEIN, 6,00€.  5. Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Converse, 85€. 

Look 2 :

Straight out of Paris Fashion Week in September, geometric prints set the tone. Squares, circles, diamonds, we don’t skimp on the patterns. You can choose a total look, an accessory or a simple piece with a geometric print for example.

For her second Les Ardentes look, @haycette wears a green gingham ensemble with a small quilted handbag and rhinestone skin jewelry.
Shop the look
1. Set of shorts with pleats and puffed-sleeved plaid top SHEIN, 14,00€. 2. Silver colored iridescent forehead skin jewelry Claire's, 7,99€ 4,79€. 3. Ruched bag SHEIN, 9,00€.

@Noemiekrysiuk and her glitter makeup at Dour festival

This is the makeup trend to adopt for the moment! Sequins and rhinestones, we have seen them a lot lately, especially at Valentino or Chanel and since, in particular, the success of the Euphoria series. For a festival, you can choose a more daring makeup than in everyday life, which is why glitter makeup goes so well together!

Noémie Krysiuk has therefore chosen to accessorize her festival looks with rhinestones to stick on her face! They are easy to apply and can last all day if attached with false eyelash glue, for example.

Look 1 :

You probably haven’t missed it, the butterfly trend is making a comeback, in pattern or print, it’s the print that gives us wings. The butterfly sequin top has also become an essential part of the festival wardrobe this year. It is simply enough on its own! We associate it with clothes in more sober colors or that match the colors of the top.

A small sequin top also works wonders to shine at the festival. For his first day at Dour festival, @noemiekrysiuk wears it with simple accessories like black shorts, a black shirt and a banana.
Shop the look
1. Butterfly Sequin Lace-up Spaghetti Strap Top SHEIN, 13,00€.  2. Belted Buckle Eyelet Denim Shorts SHEIN, 15,00€. 3. Linen oversize shirt H&M, 29,99€ 4. 1 sheet Rhinestone Eye Tattoo Sticker SHEIN, 1,25€. 5. Rimless Rectangular Lens Fashion Glasses SHEIN, 4,50€. 

Look 2 :

The look worked without disguise is also a style to adopt if you do not want to go unnoticed. To do so, we choose a colorful outfit and accessories that go together perfectly or details that make all the difference, such as skin jewellery, for example.

@noemiekrysiuk opted for a total electric blue look from head to toe with a Shein ensemble, a white bag and blue rhinestones on the face at the Dour festival.
Shop the look
1. Halter neck top with asymmetric knot SHEIN, 6,00€. 2. Textured pants with pocket SHEIN, 15,00€. 3. 1 Sheet Rhinestone Face Tattoo Sticker SHEIN, 1,00€. 4. Round detail necklace SHEIN, 3,00€. 5. Small white shoulder bag H&M, 19,99€.

Look 3 :

At a festival, it’s an opportunity to play it sexier. It is generally hot and so we prefer light and more fluid materials. A light top will be perfect or even cut-out pants. The result ? a look that plays on transparency and the contrast between materials. At the top for wiggling at a festival!

This hot outfit accessorized with rhinestones is worn by the pretty @noemiekrysiuk during the Dour festival. A blue jersey, white cut-out patterned pants, a fanny pack and white sneakers complete the look.
Shop the look
1. Bow Halter Wave Hem Crew Top & Slit Skirt & Bolero SHEIN, 12,49€. 2. Crochet pants Undiz, 19,99€. 3. Imitation Opal Radiant Star Moon Clip Dangle Earrings Claire's, 14,99€ 8,99€. 4. 1 Sheet Rhinestone Eyes Tattoo Sticker SHEIN, 1,50€. 5. Rimless Rectangular Lens Fashion Glasses SHEIN, 4,50€. 

@Jadeluckx and her fringed top at Tomorrowland

Another big trend in festival fashion is body jewelry such as body, hip or foot chains. This type of accessories can really make an outfit more sparkling !

@jadeluyckx wears another perfect outfit to wear at festivals like this edition of Tomorrowland: a black fringed top paired with a rhinestone star necklace and ripped light denim shorts.
Shop the look
1. Black crop top with fringes Loavies, 21,99€. 2. Frayed Hem Mini Shorts MANGO, 19,99€. 3. White belt Loavies, 15,99€. 4. Sunglasses with thick frame in bright color Aj Morgan on Asos, 24,99€ 13,99€. 5. Body chain Asos, 34,99€. 

@Chademarbaix and her Safari Nomad style at Tomorrowland

Look 1 :

The casual style also works wonders at festivals. A small clutch, a matching set of fluid shirt and shorts, a small crop top and chain sunglasses, this is the perfect look for wiggling your hips until the end of the night!

@chademarbaix chose shorts, a shirt rolled up at the sleeves, a white bra, a chain around the waist and a crocheted pocket to slip her phone into. A simple but effective look.
Shop the look
1. Mesh lace-up bra ZARA, 15,95€. 2. Beige pyjama shirt NA-KD, 57,95€. 3. Loose beige shorts NA-KD, 34,95€ 17,47€. 4. Macrame phone holder Maje, 155€. 5. Sunglasses Meller on Zalando, 45€ 40,50€. 6. Chain for sunglasses Meller, 15€ 12€.

Look 2 :

Printed pants are also a garment to wear at festivals. Combined with a colorful top, it’s an outfit that’s easy to wear and at the same time full of pep’s.

@chademarbaix wears zebra print pants with a pink long sleeve cut-out top, a black fanny pack and New Balance sneakers again for Tomorrowland.
Shop the look
1. Pink crop top PRETTY LITTLE THING, 18€ 12€. 2. Zebra print pants Asos, 32,99€ 15€. 3. Croc pattern belt bag SHEIN, 6,50€. 4. Sneakers 530 New Balance on Asos, 166,99€. 

@Valentine_cesarone wears the trendy cowboy boot at TML

Cowboy boots are always a good idea for a festival. This is THE trendy boot for this fall winter 2022/2023 season! These are high shoes that prevent dust but also keep your feet dry if it ever rains. Watch out for tan lines though.

@valentine_cesarone opt for black cowboy boots for the Tomorrowland festival. She pairs them with a black cutout bralette, ripped denim shorts and rhinestone hip jewelry.
Shop the look
1. Sheer tulle bra Undiz, 16,99€. 2. Denim short SHEIN, 13€. 3. Cowboy boots Gaya, 54,95€. 4. Hips chain Etsy, 44,45€. 5. Set of 10 plastic rings adorned with stones Madein on Asos, 20,99€ 13,99€.

@Alexandrakoljaj in neon at WECANDANCE

The neon trend associated with a glittery look is THE good idea to light up the aisles of summer festivals. The new hair trend this year is the hair clips to put in accumulation mode on your head. Guaranteed effect!

@alexandrakoljaj appeared in a cleverly crafted outfit mixing neon, sequins and an original hairstyle on the occasion of the WECANDANCE festival.
Shop the look
1. Mirror disc bra Boohoo, 55€ 27,50€. 2. Recycled Wide Leg Pants NA-KD, 62,95€ 37,77€. 3. Chunky Flared Cat Eye Sunglasses Asos, 14,99€.

@Joli_laur and her sequin skirt at Tomorrowland

Sequins, we love or we hate. But it is clear that they have not said their last word on the occasion of the festivals. A simple skirt or top literally brightens up a simple outfit.

@joli_laur wears the silver sequin skirt wonderfully at the Tomorrowland festival. She paired it with a simple light crop top, chunky mesh bracelet and rhinestones for makeup.
Shop the look
1. Knit cropped top ZARA, 17,95€. 2. Sequin skirt Loavies, 45,99€. 3. Chain bracelet Ice Watch, 49€. 

@Elisakulcsar and her “Just an Illusion” bodysuit at WECANDANCE

High heeled boots can be a risky bet for a festival, especially if it takes place on a beach like at WECANDANCE. However, associated with a pareo skirt and a bodysuit for example, it gives a very stylish outfit.

@elisakulcsar is perfect in a look totally in the "Just an illusion" theme of the WECANDANCE festival. She wore a geometric print bodysuit, a sarong skirt with a bow and beige heeled high boots.
Shop the look
1. Printed spaghetti strap bodysuit SHEIN, 11,49€ 4,99€. 2. Knot skirt with linen ZARA, 39,95€. 3. Knee High Heel Boots H&M, 59,99€. 4. Cat eye sunglasses Aliexpress, 7,80€ 4,28€.

@Tateviklolita and her Y2K look at Tomorrowland

In festival, comfort is key! Why not opt ​​for a simpler look like a little colorful top, a skirt and high-top sneakers? To this, we can associate more funky accessories such as rhinestones or colorful makeup.

At Tomorrowland,  @tateviklolita is wearing a very pretty, rather simple look with a little pink off-the-shoulder top, a white dungaree and white converse too.
Shop the look
1. Hot Pink Glitter Tube Top Somewhere someday, 29,95€. 2. Carpenter denim short dungaree in off white Topshop on Asos, 58,99€ 47,50€. 3. Elevated Gold Platform Chuck Taylor All Star Converse, 90€. 4. Black shoulder bag Pimkie, 9,00€.

What’s your favourite festival look? Tell us in the comments!

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