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les looks de itsmeweeendy

Meet Wendy! The cool girl on the block!

Wendy is a young fashion content creator on the rise who puts outfits together with a cup of coffee in her hand most of the time. 

Her style ranges from trendy to feminine but she is not scared to switch it up and show her sporty and tomboy side by keeping it simple and comfortable. Her variety of looks will definitely inspire you no matter how you feel or how you want to feel that day.

She is very invested in the work that she creates as she takes her time and makes sure to find the perfect place that matches every outfit she puts together. She has managed to create her own community that follows her to get inspired but also to have her opinion on different pieces of clothing. You can find the details of all her outfits on SCANDALOOK.

Who’s Wendy ?

Your favorite piece:

As for now, that's oversize/boyfriend pants. You can wear them with everything!

You favorite Insta account:

I don't have a favorite account, but I really like the accounts of mimiarr and naomigenes. It's two different styles but I like them a lot! It's a great part of my inspiration.

Your last purchase:

My last purchase was a swimwear (I'm ready for summer 😁). Appart from that, I've bought some dresses from Bershka 

The item in your Wishlist:

The piece I really want is the Keepall shoulder bag from Louis Vuitton 

The luxury brand that's fits your style the most:

I don't know the answer 😅

Your model:

Every person who succeeded in life by himself, like my parents.

The item of your dreams:

A Chanel bag (The timeless) 😍 

Your timeless song:

Gyptian hold you

You beauty secret:

Always do your morning and evening skincare routines, even if you are too tired!

Your motto in life:

« Trust your journey », one day I will have what I always dreamed of, and don't compare yourself to others.

Your dream job: 

Being self-employed thanks to YouTube

Your fashion good deal:

If you really liked something in a store, find it online. All the best deals are online ^^ 

Where can we find you doing your shopping:

I really like doing shopping online, but you could find me in a shopping mall, probably in a Bershka.

Your fav designer

Virgil Abloh for Louis Vuitton, I really like his job.   

Find Wendy on YouTube

Just like Instagram, YouTube is also one of the most used social media channels by fashion content creators to show their sense of style as well as various ways to put clothing pieces together. Wendy’s latest YouTube video is a try on haul of the 2021 spring summer with different clothing pieces from different brands.The uniqueness of each piece is highlighted as Wendy tries them on and shares her experience to give us an idea of what they would look like paired with different elements to create a perfect outfit. I am pretty sure you want to get your hands on some of the pieces in the video above so let me make your life a little easier. I selected the most interesting ones and below you will find their prices and of course where you can find them!

Look 1:

1. Cropped Vest Bershka 29,99€ 17,99€  2. Mini skirt Bershka, 19,99€ 11,99€.  3. Run Star Hike Unisex Converse, 118,95€.

Look 2:

1. Midi printed dress Bershka, 19,99€. (Taille : XS) 2. Sinclair leather platform Dr. Martens, 229€. Short denim vest Zara, Non disponible.

Look 3

1. Asymetric nylon sweater Bershka 15,99€  2. Asymetrique High waist denim Weekday 60€

Look 4

Scandalook @itsmeweeendy
1. Fluid vest Mango 69,99€  2. Straight pant Mango 49,99€

Spring/Summer selection from Wendy

1. Backless blouse NA-KD 45,95€  2. Asymetric top NA-KD 49,95€ 37,65€  3. Crossover T-shirt NA-KD 45,95€ 41,35€  4. Top NA-KD 30,95€  5. Cropped blazer NA-KD 69,95€ 48,95€  6. Mini skirt green NA-KD 45,95€ 25,45€  7. Oversize dress Mango 39,99€  8. Denim Mango 49,99€ 

Follow her on Instagram

Enjoy your shopping but don’t forget to follow the talented Wendy @itsmeweeendy on Instagram and on SCANDALOOK for some outfit Inspo!