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The 6 luxury second hand websites you have to try !

Since COVID-19, online sales have exploded. The same is true for the online sale of luxury second hand goods which continues to grow. Discover in this article our favorite websites to find the new masterpieces of your wardrobe! 

These platforms will allow you to treat yourself without spending all your savings. From the bag to the pair of Louboutin heels you've been hesitating to buy, they will offer you everything you could ever dream of!

Monogram Paris

Monogram (before BYLUXE Paris) is one of the best known luxury second hand websites. It all started 10 years ago with founder Beverly Sonego, who wanted to buy new pieces to update her wardrobe for the new season. Her solution? Resell pieces from old collections. From there was born Monogram Paris, a website offering to as many people as possible unique pieces from great designers at competitive prices. You will find your happiness there: from Chanel to Dior through the inevitable Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Prada,… You will find on this site only pieces of great designers.

Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective began as a result of a fundamental question that many women once asked themselves, “Why are so many luxury pieces remained not used in our closets?” “Could there be a way to extend their life by putting them back into circulation?” The answer is yes!

Vestiaire Collective has found a way for all women to resell their no longer used items and buy what they’ve always wanted. With its beginnings in 2009 in Paris, the online platform is now present in more than 50 countries. From their Parisian offices, Vestiaire Collective collaborates with more than 300 talents spread between the world. Vestiaire Collective then offers a catalog with more than 25,000 new items per week, all authenticated and assured of their quality.

Collector Square

Collector Square is a luxury second hand website offering a selection of more than 15,000 pieces: jewellery, bags, watches and art objects, all certified high-end. Created 6 years ago, Collector Square has established itself as a leader in the online luxury second hand market. Based in Paris, the objects selected are first authenticated on their quality and desirability by a group of experts and then put on sale or made available for their Paris showroom.

Vide dressing

Among the very popular luxury second hand websites, there is also the Vide dressing platform. Vide dressing is a community composed of fashion and shopping fans from all over the world through anyone can sell pieces from previous seasons. Unlike the first two sites, Vide dressing does not only offer pieces from designers but also from brands such as Adidas, Nike, Levi’s and many others. You can find what you need, from bags to jackets to shoes.

Luxury Vintage  

Luxury Vintage (before Atlantis Trading) was first a small business created from a passion for gems and travel. In search of unique jewellery, they opened a store and now, they have 4 locations in Amsterdam. In addition to jewellery they also sell bags, clothes, shoes and other accessories, all second hand. The goal is to find the authentic accessory with a beautiful story behind. Following their success and after the opening of the different stores in Amsterdam, Luxury Vintage launched its online store. This website allows the whole world to discover the collections selected by the team of fashion lovers.


Rebelle is an online luxury second hand store that provides access to unique selections of products from the most famous designers. With the goal of offering an exceptional moment to their buyers, they guarantee the authenticity and quality of each item. The website allows you to buy the item you’ve always dreamed of but also to sell your luxury clothes that you no longer enjoy. Rebelle focuses on vintage objects and the fashion history of beautiful things. By the way, their offices are located in the historical part of Hamburg, where the precious cargo was brought…

And you, what second-han luxury websites do you know ?

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Illustration picture : Instagram @Vestiaireco