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The UGG Tasman/Tazz: how to wear the new trendy slipper?

In case you haven't seen it on every fashionista's feet yet, we present you the new shoe trend: the UGG Tasman and Tazz!  
 If there's one thing we ask from our winter shoes, it's that they keep us warm! Who says winter boots says UGG.  After the ultra-mini UGG which was a great success last year, this year the trend is towards a model that looks like a mule or a slipper: the UGG Tazz or Tasman. 


It’s nothing new, everything that was fashionable in the early 2000s is coming back to the fore. If UGGs have long been has-beens and abandoned in the back of our wardrobes, they have now become must-haves! These last few years have had at least one advantage, which is to reconcile us with comfortable pieces and loungewear in all circumstances!

The slipper trend has taken over the UGGs: here are the Tasman and Tazz!

The advantage of this version? Its versatility: it can be combined with a 100% comfy look as well as with a more chic look! It can be worn as a trainer, a mule or a boot. They combine everything you are looking for in winter: comfort and style! This model is perfect for outdoor use!

But how can you tell the difference between the UGG Tazz and the Tasman? The Tasman has a thinner sole and a brown border. The Tasman has a thinner sole and brown piping, while the Tazz has a platform sole and red piping. The chesnut colour makes it a must-have. Indeed, it can be combined with all the other key colours of autumn: white, beige, black, grey and even green.

Above, the UGG Tasman: brown trim, flat. 
Above, the UGG Tazz: red piping, platform sole. 

1 accessory, 10 looks.

1. The New York look of @mimiarr.

The UGG Tazz are the perfect accompaniment to a simple, casual look and break up the simplicity of this outfit while adding a stylish edge with their platforms.

@mimiarr wears a casual look with a blazer from The Frankie Shop and a white tank top paired with her beautiful UGG Tazz. 
1. Grey blazer The Frankie Shop on My Theresa, 363€. 2. Tank top Toteme on My Theresa, 90€. 3. Wide leg jean NA-KD, 57,95€. 4. Tazz boots UGG via Stock X, from 200€. 5. Bag Kelly 25 Hermès on Vestiaire Collective 8445,48€. 6. Tortoise sunglasses Céline, 360€.

2. Creamy outfit of @junesixtyfive.

Autumn is synonymous with neutral tones: beige, white, cream, camel, … Monochrome looks are omnipresent this season! For this, we use layering and mixing of materials : denim, knitwear, leather or suede.

@junesixtyfive wears a 100% neutral autumn look accessorised with Tazz UGGs and an Ava Celine bag. 
1. Oversized trench-coat Weekday, 140€. 2. High neck jumper Stradivarius, 12,99€. 3. White jeans with brown stitching NA-KD, 51,06. 4. Zip sailor stripes jumpers MANGO, 39,99€. 5. Tazz boots UGG on Stock X, from 200€. 6. Black hairband NA-KD, 9,95€. 7. Medusa Biggie sunglasses Versace, 250€. 

3. Trendy in a city look like @_aurep.

For several seasons now, the quilted jacket has been making a comeback in our wardrobes. Combine it with a nice sailor jacket and UGG Tasman and you’ll have a trendy city look!

@_aurep  wears a khaki quilted jacket H&M and a beautiful sailor print cardigan for a trendy and comfy look. 
1. Quilted jacket H&M, 49,99€. 2. Striped cardigan Lou Boutik, 42€. 3. Crop top Stradivarius, 7,99€. 4. Black jean NA-KD, 46,95€. 5. Tasman boots UGG on Printemps, 110€. 6. Sac numéro 10 blanc Polène, 290€.

4. The cosy look of @laurencrowe88.

The outfit that feels like winter: a warm teddy jacket, a big knitted jumper and super stylish slippers! An outfit that will definitely keep us warm this winter!

@laurencrowe88 has combined two trends in one outfit: the aviator jacket and the UGG Tazz. 
1. Aviator jacket Univers Vintage, 128,90€. 2. Cable knit jumper Stradivarius, 22,99€. 3. White jean MANGO, 39,99€ 25,99€. 4. Tazz boots UGG on Stock X, from 200€. 5. Black Saddle bag Dior, 3400€. 

5. Stylish in all circumstances like @audreyafs.

You have to go shopping because you are missing some vegetables to prepare your favourite recipe? No problem, just put on a white shirt, a warm jumper, high socks and your it shoes!

@audreyafs put on his UGG Tazz and his favourite sailor to go shopping! 
1. Striped sailor sweater &Other Stories, 99€. 2. Oversized shirt Stradivarius, 25,99€. 3. Tazz boots UGG onStock X, from 200€. 4. White socks Adanola, 11,95€. 5. Ava bag Céline on 24S, 1200€. 

6. Classy but comfy like @capucinerqllrt.

The suit is a must-have in your wardrobe whatever the season! It adapts to all occasions and can take on all styles depending on the accessories that go with it. Here, the UGG Tasman will give it a casual look! They will perfectly replace your pair of heels after a long day, without taking away from your business woman side.

@capucinerqllrt  wears a tennis stripes blazer from Sandro and his UGG Tasman for a classy and casual look at the same time! 
1. Tennis stripes blazer Sandro on De Bijenkorf, 385€. 2. Tennis stripes trouser Sandro on De Bijenkorf, 225€. 3. White T-shirt  Stradivarius, 5,99€. 4. Tasman boots UGG on Printemps, 110€. 5. Numéro 10 bag Polène, 330€. 6. Tortoise sunglasses Komono on Juttu, 59€. 

7. The sporty chic outfit of @melikahaghighat.

It’s Sunday, you’ve got your pilates class at 11am and you’re on your way to get your coffee. Here’s the perfect look: a short trench coat, a nice sailor suit, leggings, high socks and your new favourite slippers, the UGG Tasman!

@melikahaghighat wears a beautiful Meotine trench coat to complete her sporty outfit. 
1. Short trench coat Meotine, 240€. 2. Striped sweater Massimo Dutti, 79,95€. 3. Black legging Stradivarius, 22,99€. 4. Tasman boots UGG on Printemps, 110€. 5. High white socks Arket, 5€. 6. Sunglasses Ace and Tate, 110€. 

8. The casual look of @chlosertoyou.

No headaches this morning: just put on a blazer, a jumper over your shoulders, a cap and your UGG! An effortless and so comfortable outfit to start your day!

@chlosertoyou wears a khaki blazer and a sailor suit over the shoulders for a casual look. 
1. Khaki blazer with pockets ZARA, 69,95€. 2. White cotton T-shirt MANGO, 7,99€. 3. Sailor stripes sweater ZARA, 49,95€. 4. Tazz boots UGG on Stock X, from 200€. 5. Beige cap Anine Bing, 70€. 6. White socks Adanola, 11,95€. 

9. Basic but iconic like @marine_breadwhite.

An outfit 100% composed of basics and timeless: a nice blazer, a white T-shirt, blue jeans and a cap. But how do you enhance this simple look? By adding the it-shoes of the season: the UGG Tasman! A successful outfit with no fashion faux pas!

@marine_breadwhite  wears a basic but trendy outfit thanks to his UGG Tasman.
1. Grey blazer MANGO, 119,99€. 2. Crop T-shirt Stradivarius, 7,99€. 3. Blue mom jean MANGO, 39,99€. 4. Tasman boots UGG on Printemps, 110€. 5. Black Timeless bag Chanel, 8990€. 

10. Fifty shades of beige like @hoskelsa.

From sunglasses to shoes, don’t hesitate, like Elsa, to combine several beige and neutral pieces to warm up your fall looks!

@hoskelsa  a associé plusieurs pièces beiges intemporelles pour créer le look chaud et automnal parfait ! 
1. Greige blazer NA-KD, 80,95€. 2. White T-shirt MANGO, 7,99€. 3. Vitange effect jean NA-KD, 57,95€. 4. Tazz boots UGG on Stock X, from 200€. 5. Ava bag Céline on 24S, 1200€. 6.Triomphe sunglasses Céline, 360€. 

And you, will you opt for the UGG Tasman or Tazz?

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Cover photo : Elsa Hosk ©GettyImages