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Sélection Mango pour la rentrée

Our MANGO selection of the 60 most beautiful pieces to go back to school !

"Back to school" season means new outfits! 
SCANDALOOK cares about students and all those who want something new in their wardrobes to face this sometimes stressful period of the year which is, also and above all, a sign of renewal. So even if summer was long overdue this year, we carefully store our little summer dresses, our shorts and our swimsuits for a well-cut blazer, a suit set, ankle boots, or even faux leather pants, the must of the season.

Layering is the flagship asset of this period and we will not complain about it! It’s the perfect excuse to multiple layers of clothing and be able to wear more pieces in one look. Whether it is to be comfortable in a comfy style or to display a chic but always trendy look, we offer you a big selection of favorite items to shop at MANGO, as well as cutting-edge looks fashion made especially for this fall! This MANGO collection brings together all the essential trends of this year 2021 if you ever missed them. Finally, you will be ready to face back this school year with confidence and style, we promise you !

Jackets and coats

First of all, the blazer remains a timeless piece of any self-respecting wardrobe because it immediately structure an outfit, even simple one, like a white t-shirt and jeans for example. This fall it remains checked but sometimes with a cropped cut, to wear on its own, as a simple top. There are also quilted coats as well as long coats, especially in imitation leather, like in the Matrix movie franchise.

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1. Double breasted jacket, 59,99€. 2. Ultralight anorak with buttons, 49,99€ 29,99€. 3. Checked wool suit jacket, 79,99€ 59,99€. 4. Tweed jacket, 59,99€ 49,99€. 5. Jacket with contrasting inserts, 49,99€ 29,99€. 6. Button cropped jacket, 59,99€ 39,99€.  7. Textured structured jacket, 79,99€ 49,99€. 8. Tweed jacket with pockets, 59,99€ 49,99€. 9. Faux leather jacket with belt, 79,99€ 69,99€. 10. Long checked wool coat, 119,99€ 99,99€.
Tops and shirts

This fall, we put on a small sleeveless top, a classic or printed white t-shirt and a white and vaporous oversized shirt. However, if it is in shades of pink, it is even better because that’s the must-have color of the moment. Good thing, we can find several at MANGO!

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1. Ribbed knit top, 29,99€ 19,99€. 2. Fluid satin shirt, 29,99€ 25,99€. 3. Long fluid shirt, 39,99€ 29,99€. 4. Double collar t-shirt, 15,99€ 12,99€.  5. Oversized cotton shirt, 29,99€ 19,99€. 6. Ruffled sleeve shirt, 39,99€ 29,99€.  
Jumpers and cardigans

Sweaters and cardigans are available in a zip-neck, turtleneck, tweed and sweatshirt version. But one thing is for sure green is making a comeback in our wardrobe!

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1. Oversized tweed cardigan, 59,99€ 29,99€. 2. V-neck knitted cardigan, 25,99€ 19,99€. 3. Ribbed-knit zipped sweater, 25,99€ 15,99€. 4. Cotton sweater with message, 29,99€ 25,99€. 5. Ribbed-knit zipped sweater, 25,99€ 15,99€. 6. Pocket knit sweater, 49,99€ 39,99€. 7. Turtleneck knit sweater, 19,99€. 8. Shirt knit sweater, 39,99€ 29,99€.
Trousers and skirts

This season’s must-have is of course the imitation leather, leggings, pants or skirt version. As you may have noticed, jeans are trending with loose cuts and flared legs. Finally, skirts have definitely their place in our wardrobe this season, because they can still be worn, with simple high socks for instance.

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1. Straight faux leather pants, 39,99€. 2. Wideleg high waist jeans, 39,99€. 3. Straight pants with belt, 39,99€. 4. Suit pants openings, 39,99€. 5. High Waist Wide Leg Jeans, 39,99€. 6. Faux leather leggings, 29,99€. 7. Plaid pattern skirt, 29,99€ 19,99€. 8. Buttoned tweed miniskirt, 29,99€ 19,99€. 9. Faux leather mini skirt, 29,99€ 19,99€. 10. Denim jumpsuit with belt, 59,99€ 39,99€.

First of all, moccasins are undoubtedly the essential shoes of the moment. You can wear them with a skirt and high socks, or even jeans, they will give a preppy look to your outfits. There are also sneakers, preferably in solid colors and ankle boots with or without heels. Chunky boots, meanwhile, are still very popular.

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1. Buckle leather loafers, 59,99€ 39,99€. 2. Tennis sole track, 49,99€ 29,99€. 3. Lace-up leather sneakers, 59,99€ 39,99€. 4. Track sole ankle boots, 59,99€. 5. Buckle leather loafers, 59,99€ 39,99€. 6. Track sole ankle boots, 59,99€. 7. Platform leather ankle boots, 79,99€ 59,99€. 8. Zipped heel ankle boots, 49,99€ 39,99€. 9. Leather platform loafers, 79,99€ 59,99€.

Trending bags this season is obviously shopping bags and shopper bags to be able to slip in your lessons, laptop and all your essentials. For this fall, we therefore favor accessories in shades of beige, black, brown and green.

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1. Maxi shopper bag, 49,99€ 39,99€. 2. Sheepskin texture bag, 19,99€ 15,99€. 3. Quilted chain bag, 39,99€ 29,99€. 4. Croco-effect shopper bag, 49,99€ 39,99€. 5. Crossbody bag with flap, 49,99€ 39,99€. 6. Baguette bag with braided handle, 19,99€ 15,99€. 7. Mini shopper bag, 19,99€ 15,99€. 

Last but not least, we present you accessories that really complete an outfit such as jewelries or belts for example. This season, we finish our look by wearing the famous bob or a classical cap.

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1. Links necklace, 39,99€ 19,99€. 2. Knot quilted laptop sleeve, 19,99€ 12,99€. 3. Square buckle belt, 9,99€ 7,99€. 4. Water repellent bob, 15,99€ 12,99€. 5. Set of rhinestone earrings, 12,99€ 6,49€. 6. Ring, 15,99€ 7,99€. 7. Wool beret, 15,99€ 12,99€. 8. Cellphone pearl necklace, 19,99€ 9,99€. 9. Visor cap, 19,99€ 12,99€. 10. Two buckle belt, 15,99€ 9,99€. 11. Set 3 combined rings, 12,99€ 6,49€. 12. Wool ribbed knit socks, 15,99€ 12,99€. 13. Irregular hoops, 12,99€ 6,49€.


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